Rural Stormwater Management Model

Understanding and reducing the impacts of water running off of land during storm events in rural Ontario requires a truly rural model.

That’s why ministries, local conservation agencies, public health, county and local government, municipalities, community groups, and landowners along Lake Huron’s southeast shores, are working together. These partners in Healthy Lake Huron: Clean Water, Clean Beaches are located in a rural part of Ontario stretching from Sarnia to Tobermory. They are working together to create a Rural Stormwater Management Model (RSWMM).

Stewardship funding is limited. It needs to be invested strategically with the best and most detailed information possible. We need to identify the projects that work best, put them in the locations where they can do the most good, and construct them at the scale that will be most effective.

This new rural model, with funding support from the Province of Ontario’s Showcasing Water Innovation Program, will help find ways to undertake projects where they will have the greatest benefit to conserve soil and protect water. The project will also lead to increased environmental expertise and capacity in rural Ontario.

Urban areas already use advanced stormwater modelling. Some existing models have some rural features. We need a model that combines multiple urban and rural features. This new model will build upon the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Stormwater Management Model (SWMM) and the PCSWMM software which is a powerful support package for SWMM modeling. The new model will combine urban modeling features with rural features such as agricultural best management practices; understanding of changes from season to season or even within a season (such as changes in crop cover); modeling of roads, ditches, and culverts; slope and terrain types; dynamic travel of water running over land; tracking of key pollutants (sediment, phosphorus and nitrogen); and other features.




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Ontario has released a final report about communities in the province that have developed new water management tools with support of Ontario’s Showcasing Water Innovation program. A project by Ausable Bayfield Conservation and the Healthy Lake Huron: C
Friday, November 27, 2015   [details]

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