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Lambton Shores Sub-Watershed Lambton Shores Sub-Watershed
Lambton Shores Watershed is 127 square kilometres and includes provincially significant wetlands and woodlands as well as unique shoreline features. Creeks include Duffus Creek, Shashawandah Creek, James Creek and Woods Creek.
Main Bayfield Sub-Watershed Main Bayfield Sub-Watershed
The Bayfield River drains 497 square kilometres in southwestern Ontario. The river and local beaches provide the community with great swimming, boating and fishing opportunities.
North Bayfield Sub-Watershed North Bayfield Sub-Watershed
The Bayfield North Watersheds area is approximately 40 square kilometres in size and consists of 20 small streams flowing directly into Lake Huron. The watershed is located within the County of Huron.
North Shore (Garvey/Glenn Drain) North Shore (Garvey/Glenn Drain)
The Garvey/Glenn drains 17.5 square kilometres of farmland and empties directly into Lake Huron, just North of Port Albert.
Pine River Pine River
The Pine River covers 195 square kilometres and enters Lake Huron at Point Clark. The Pine River sub-watershed is located in Bruce County, Township of Huron-Kinloss and includes the Village of Ripley.



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Ontario has released a final report about communities in the province that have developed new water management tools with support of Ontario’s Showcasing Water Innovation program. A project by Ausable Bayfield Conservation and the Healthy Lake Huron: C
Friday, November 27, 2015   [details]

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